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Using Baked Bar Grapple Glue THC Cartridge, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep!
Grapple Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid formed by crossing Grape Stomper with an unknown indica said to be Mr. Nice, resulting in a strain with a high indica content. Grapple Glue was selected from a pool of 20 phenomes because it has a powerful, pleasant, and uncommon fragrance. Grapple Glue is a cartridge grown indoors for its euphoric and soothing effects. It is supplied with an organic basis of nutrients and developed under double-ended high-pressure sodium lights with a blooming duration of 70 days.
Grapple Glue is a smooth and easy-to-smoke substance that provides immediate pain and anxiety relief. Because of its soothing effects, it is recommended for usage in the evening. As the name suggests, Grapple Glue has a flavor that is reminiscent of grapes and apples on the inhale and a hash flavor on the exhale.
• Grape
• Glue


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