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Ice Cream Cake is an indica created by crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake to product a super delicious, cheesy creamy flavor with a sweet nuttiness. It has a similar aroma with a light pungent effect, and Ice Cream Cake produces a lifting and relaxing high.
Is Ice Cream Cake an indica or sativa?
Ice Cream Cake is an indica strain.
What effects does Ice Cream Cake have?
The Ice Cream Cake strain has uplifting and relaxing effects, exactly like how you feel after getting handed a cone of your favorite ice cream. Happy and calm.
What does Ice Cream Cake taste like?
It has a super delicious, cheesy and creamy flavor with a nutty undertone. Think tasty, creamy cheesecake without all the calories. What’s not to love?
How does the Live Resin vape get its flavor?
Live Resin derives its flavor directly from the original plant. The plant undergoes a flash freezing process that prevents the terpenes in the flower from degrading, and keeps them as fresh as the moment the plants are harvested. When the plant then undergoes extraction, the terpene profile is incredibly potent and diverse, and is able to be transferred to the end oil. The phrase “fire in, fire out” is especially important with Live Resin extraction.


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