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Papaya #5 is an indica strain crossed the legendary Jack Herer with Skunk #1 to get the tropical blend. As its name indicates, Papaya #5 has a tropical fruity and earthy aroma. Its flavor is spicy with a fruity citrus overtone. This strain leaves the user feeling relaxed, euphoric, and happy. Papaya #5 may help relieve anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Frequently asked questions

Is Papaya #5 an indica or sativa?
Papaya #5 is an indica strain.
What effects does Papaya #5 have?
The Papaya #5 strain has relaxing, euphoric and happy effects. You’re on island time now, so kick back, relax, and imagine you can hear the waves crashing as you sit with your toes in the sand.
What does Papaya #5 taste like?
Papaya #5 has a spicy, tropical fruity flavor. You’ll taste mango and other tree fruits with that spicy kick. This strain’s flavors will leave you feeling like you’re on island time in no time.
How does the Non-Infused Pre-Roll get its flavor?
The non-infused pre-rolls derive their flavor from the unique cannabis-derived terpene profile located within the trichomes of the flower. These terpenes are what give each strain not only its flavor, but also its effects. We only select flower with the most distinctive and potent terpene profiles for our prerolls.


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