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Pure Sauce carts come to us to revamp their logo and incredible packaging. Pure Sauce is a premium quality Cannabis brand based in Los Angeles, California.

Advantages of Vaping Sauce carts

Vaping is becoming the new craze among long-term and new coming smokers. It’s a safer alternative to smoking because it’s not burning the sauce when consumed.

The way it works is by the heating material, such as CBD oil, till the molecules start to rise and take form into vapor, the same as water turning into steam.


Another advantage of Vaping sauce carts is the controlled smell of cannabis. The sealed tank and combination of vapor never let a smell be emitted when in storage or use. The best advantage of a higher intake of Pure Sauce Carts is high temperature from burning Cannabis destroy these elements before they can even consume.

Are Pure Sauce carts full-spectrum?

High terpene full-spectrum extracts also called Sauce are a particular sort of Cannabis concentrate. They are full spectrum meaning they contain all the essential ingredients found in the Cannabis plant – terpenes, Cannabinoids, and flavonoids – minus the fats and lipids.

Are Pure Sauce bars good to consume?

Pure Sauce cart are recommended for a seasoned smoker, this indica is quite bold and potent. Ideal for the seasoned smoker, this is quite bold and strong to consume.

Consumers will experience flavor combinations including berries and cream and spicy fruity flavors, in addition to head-to-toe euphoric sedation, the perfect nightcap.

Can we put the sauce in Pure Sauce carts?

If you want a cannabis concentrate with an extreme concentration of terpenes, the sauce is the right way to go. It has a runny and syrupy consistency and is often combined with solid CBD isolate. It can also be combined with strong distillate and used in Vapor carts.

In the end, we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable and seamless experience with each product. Pure Sauce carts come in full-spectrum effects and flavors that you can feel. With live resin juice, there’s no solvent residue, so you can enjoy a super clean aroma and flavor with no weird aftertaste or unwanted chemicals.


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